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Cistercian Publications welcomes proposals for translations of primary monastic sources, studies on the christian monastic tradition, and monographs reflecting contemplative monastic spirituality.

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Editorial Offices:

Marsha L. Dutton, Executive Editor, Cistercian Publications:

Translation Proposals

Authors are asked to submit a detailed proposal which includes the critical edition of the work to be translated and a sample translation, with text, of not less than ten pages.

Key Latin terms should be translated (as far as possible) by a single English word, and not by four or five English words.

The translation should be literal, not a paraphrase, but it should also be a fluent, idiomatic English text which accurately conveys the thought and, to the extent possible, the style of the original.

Homo and qui are to be translated as 'human/person/human being' or 'someone who/anyone who/the person who' and not as 'man' and 'he who'. Patristic authority for this position is provided by Clement of Alexandria: Viris itaque et mulieribus commune nomen homo est. Paedagogus I.4; PG 8:261A

Monographs and Collected Essays

Authors are asked to submit a proposal identifying the thesis, methodology, and intended audience of their manuscript. A statement of the contribution which the manuscript makes to scholarship as well as agreements and differences of opinion with other published scholars should be included. Either a full manuscript or a detailed proposal may be submitted. A proposal should include at least two chapters and the conclusions of the work. Theses and dissertations available in microform are not ordinarily considered for publication.

Authors and translators are required to obtain written permission before including published materials and illustrations in their work. The originals of these permissions must be submitted to Cistercian Publications.

Before submitting a manuscript, please request our Style Sheet and instructions. Manuscripts not conforming to our Style Sheet may be returned for revision