The Life of Antony, The Coptic Life and The Greek Life

The Life of Antony, The Coptic Life and The Greek Life

Athanasius Of Alexandria; Translated by Tim Vivian and Apostolos N. Athanassakis, with Rowan A. Greer; Preface by Benedicta Ward SLG; Foreword by Rowan Williams

ISBN: 9780879079024, CS202
Details: 360 pgs
Publication Date: 03/01/2003


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An Encomium on Saint Anthony by John of Schmun
A Letter to the Disciples of Antony by Serapion of Thmuis

Instrumental in the conversion of many, including St. Augustine, The Life of Antony provided the model saint's life and constitutes, in the words of patristics scholar Johannes Quasten, 'the most important document of early monasticism.' Here is one volume are translations of the text in the Greek written by Athanasius (from the new critical edition of G. J. M. Bartelink) and in the Coptic, the language Antony himself spoke. Two short contemporary coptic texts further manifest the powerful influence of 'the father of monks.'

This translation makes a number of significant early writings about Antony available, and that at a reasonable price. It is very welcome.

Do not miss reading this treasure, giving it as a gift to others, teaching it in Sunday School, or help get it introduced in college Curriculum.
Saad Michael Saad Watani